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The Combined Industrial Group Network, commonly referred to as CIGNET, is a unique collection of companies unified under the direction of a highly experienced management team. With a focus on lower middle-market companies, CIGNET strives to create value for all stakeholders through strategic acquisition, management and divestiture.

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CIGNET was established in 2002 as the manufacturing holdings of Richard S.

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Mera Welcomes New Board Members

Foremost Medical Equipment and One Beat CPR Learning Center Inc to Become One Beat CPR Learning Center LLC

DAVIE, Fla. & ROCHESTER, N.Y. Representatives from Foremost Medical Equipment and One Beat CPR Learning Center Inc announced this week that the two companies merged today, Thursday, January 10th, 2019, resulting in One Beat CPR Learning Center LLC. Foremost Medical Equipment is currently a leading force in distribution of life-saving products with a focus on re-certified and new defibrillation products. ...

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CIGNET’s current portfolio consists of the following companies